Eleven Time's a Charm!

Eleven Time's a Charm!
Type of post: Chorus news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 15 Aug 2017

Lyn Cutten recently took part in her eleventh Region 34 competition with Perth Harmony! Lyn has sung bass with the chorus since July 1994 and is one of the chorus's most long-serving and cherished members.

Lyn has always loved singing. As a youngster, she sang in her school choir and it wasn’t unknown for her to crash a pub band stage and sing along with the lead singer, but she always wondered why she couldn’t reach the high notes and could only sing along comfortably with Canadian singer, Anne Murray! All that changed when she joined Perth Harmony – and she fell in love with singing bass.

This year has brought a new experience for Lyn with Perth Harmony – performing an entertainment package for the Open division! This proved an interesting experience and Lyn was keen to know how the judges would view the performance.

Perth Harmony has benefitted a great deal from Lyn’s membership. Not only has she held many Board and Management Team positions, she has also spent eight years as a Floor Team member and competed at convention in three different quartets!

During her time with the chorus, Lyn has formed many long lasting friendships, but even some of these close buddies might not know that Lyn is a fair dinkum, true blue beauty queen! Lyn won the WA Miss Scouting Queen crown in 1967 and then picked up sponsorship from a major car dealership that catapulted her to star in the Miss Australia Quest!

I wonder what other surprises members are hiding on the risers?!