A First-timer's Experience of Vegas

A First-timer's Experience of Vegas
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Date Posted: Wed, 6 Dec 2017

The longer you’re a Sweet Adeline the easier it is to forget your first impressions of preparing for and competing at a convention. October 2017 was Perth Harmony’s ninth appearance on the International stage but for 15 of the 46 members who made the journey to Las Vegas, it was their first time and the memories are fresh in the mind.

In the months leading up to Vegas, our newbies had to get used to being part of a chorus within a chorus because not all our members were able to travel to convention. This meant continuing to rehearse a wide repertoire in support of ongoing performance commitments, beginning preparations for Hobart 2018 and honing the International package. It demanded all of our members committing to rehearsals and coaching and adapting to a range of coaching styles.

And then there’s Planet Sweet Adelines! Nothing prepares you for your first International Convention. It’s a slow introduction at first: you hear a chorus here, see some sparkles there, someone flashes a stage-worthy smile your way, someone else stops you and asks which chorus you sing with. Next thing you know, everything you’re wearing has a glitter or sparkle to it! Then – wham! – our newbies are in the Grand Garden Arena wondering what it’s going to feel like when they head on stage in a couple of days.

After a whirlwind few days of rehearsing, laughing with their singing sisters and touristy tramping up and down The Strip, performance day arrives. Be up early, try to eat something, make-up check, warm up. Before they know it, they’re backstage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and making their way on to the stage – a stage on which some of the most famous acts in the world have performed – with a quick high five from our Musical Director, Carole.

Suddenly, it’s over! “Did I sing that bit?” ”Did I do that move?” “Oh no, I don’t remember doing the snap at the end!” Then the elation comes. They did it – everything their coaches asked and Carole is smiling. Phew! Now the newbies are drinking the Sweet Adelines Kool Aid! They’re already wondering what they can do better, what might happen at the next regional convention and how they can earn the right to walk across the International stage once again. 

Reprinted from OzChords, November 2017

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